About Us

PET First Aid & Training (NZ) Ltd was created with two core purposes:

1. Help the public to care for their pets
2. Reduce dog bites

We aim to fulfil our purpose by delivering courses that provide the most up to date and relevant information. Our current courses include:

  • PET First Aid We currently offer the only pet first aid course written specifically for New Zealand. Our manuals have been written with a team of veterinary professionals and are updated regularly. Each of our instructors must be qualified and experienced in the animal and pet care industry, and are required to regularly re-qualify to ensure that they are up to date and bringing in the new practices that are proposed by the veterinary professionals.
  • The Dog Safe Workplace Limited – This course has been specifically developed to help workers who are entering properties where they may encounter dogs on a daily basis as part of their job role (this includes tradesmen, real estate agents, meter readers, couriers, nurses and many more.) This course is highly innovative as it is now being placed online – the first of its kind.
  • Canine Body Language Studies have shown that 66% of New Zealanders own a dog, but how many of us actually know what a dog is trying to tell us?  This course gives people that knowledge and opens up the communication between people and the dogs around them.
  • Keeping Kids Safe With Dogs – We all know how important it is to ensure that kids are taught how to interact appropriately with any dogs they meet. For this course we have created a series of cartoon characters called ‘Jelly & Friends’ that teach children the 3 Golden rules around dogs as well as a series of other scenarios designed to keep them safe


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If you have any questions call us on 0508 PET FIRST or 09 969 3007 or you can email us info@petfat.co.nz

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