We are proud to work closely with:

Canine Body Language Courses

The Dog Safe Workplace have created a canine body language course to teach pet owners and those that work in the industry about dogs. The course is available in a class room situation and as an online course


Group Dogs

Kids Safe With Dogs Charitable Trust

They do fantastic work teaching children of all ages how to stay safe around dogs and we are very proud to continue to support them as they grow.
You can find out much more information on their website about the 3 Golden Rules and many other resources that are available to help teach children how to stay safe around dogs. 


Kids Safe With Dogs

The Dog Safe Workplace

The Dog Safe Workplace has been created to provide organisations with the knowledge to assist their staff and contractors on how to keep safe when entering a property where a dog may be present.
You can find out more about the training the Dog Safe Workplace offers on their website.