Country Etiquette


I am a relative “Newbie”to the country community (5 years) but I have ties in Kumeu that
go back 30+. I was inspired when talking to some locals to write a “What To Do” information article to help townies like me fit into the community. With the help of Facebook and our community pages I asked for people to come up with some suggestions to make living in the community better for everyone.

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Paws for Kids Safety


We have all heard the horrendous stories of children that are bitten by dogs. We hear which breeds are responsible and we all hear whose fault it was: the dog’s, the owner’s, the parent’s, the child’s.

Who is correct? Could it be everyone and no one at the same time?

Many programmes are available, both online and delivered by volunteers, across New Zealand, and they do a great job. But is it enough? Continue reading Paws for Kids Safety

The Top 3 Tips To Saving A Bird’s Life

The Top 3 Tips To Saving A Bird’s Life

There are many ways that birds may end up in desperate need of help. Cats, cars, and windows are just some of the ways that birds are injured, and there are also natural hazards such as ferocious storms that knock youngsters out of nests. When you find a bird in need of help, what you do within the first few minutes can make a huge difference to its odds of survival. These tips are listed in order of priority. Continue reading The Top 3 Tips To Saving A Bird’s Life

Making sure animals get the best care

How important is it to have trust in the professionals we get to look after our animals? Jo Clough and Laura Purkis believe it is so important that they started PET First Aid & Training (NZ) Ltd in April 2014. Working with two New Zealand vets, they developed a course specifically written for New Zealand and its requirements.

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