Detection Dogs

Not long ago I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Wayne Severn from ScentTECH Ltd. and Central Search Dogs.

The work that detector dogs and search & rescue dogs do has always fascinated me so it was great to have the opportunity to learn more and get an insight into how it all works.

Firstly a bit of background on Wayne: Wayne has been working with detection and search dogs for over 20 years and was one of the first Urban Search and Rescue Canine Search Specialists to qualify 15 years ago.
Since then he has gone on to start his own company ScentTECH which offers services in drug detection to help keep workplaces and schools drug free. Wayne visits many different companies in the Wellington area and has the gorgeous Indie do her job of sniffing out the drugs.

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Can your dog see what’s on TV?

Most people’s answer would be ‘No, dogs can’t see 2D’ or ‘They can’t see what’s on the screen because it’s flat’ or possibly ‘No, dogs can’t see colour’

Having two dogs who react very differently to watching TV: Kai who reacts to animals on the TV (he even reacts when the TV is on mute so I know it’s not the noises!) and Keira who has no time for TV at all. I decided to do some research to get some answers…

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Temporary Accomodation – Dont be afraid to ask the right questions

Temporary Accommodation – Why we should be asking questions!!

We often get calls from people wondering what questions they should ask prior to putting their pets into daycare, kennels and catteries. Understandably so!

As New Zealanders we act like we are afraid to ask in case they are offended or we hurt their feelings by doubting their ability.

BUT many of us will remember the jack russell that was left unattended with a large dog in

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