Meet The Dogs



Birthday: 12th March 2006
Nicknames: Care Bear, Chubbalub, Puppydog
My Favourite Thing To Do: Walks on the beach and lie-ins in Mum & Dad's bed
My Favourite Food: Ice Cream
Why I Love My Job: There's lots of treats involved and I love meeting new people and showing off my tricks
My Role: Teaching PET First Aid, teaching the Kids Programme, Office Dog and TV Star
My Human: Laura
My Location: Auckland (I also travel sometimes too!)

 Keira -low



Birthday: 22nd April 2008
Nicknames: Chi Chi and Willis
My Favourite Thing To Do: Eat my food really fast so I can steal the other dogs' food. Have cuddles and go for walks.
My Favourite Food: Cheese or Yoghurt (but any food is good!)
Why I Love My Job: Love all the pats from the children, riding in the car with Mum and of course the treats!!
My Role: Teaching PET First Aid and teaching the Kids Programme.
My Human: Linda
My Location: Auckland 





Birthday: 20th March 2010
Nicknames: Bry and Stoppit
My Favourite Thing To Do: Having a cuppa tea with my Dad and eating my dinner slowly ‘cos it drives my mate Barney nuts
My Favourite Food: Whatever Barney’s eating
Why I Love My Job: I get to be with Mum and meet cool kids
My Role: Teaching the Kids programme
My Human: Diane
My Location: Bay of Plenty 




Birthday: 10th September 2010
My Favourite Thing To Do: Playing with other dogs and splashing in any muddy water!
My Favourite Food: Cheese!
Why I Love My Job: I love people and enjoy getting lot of pats and treats.
My Role: Teaching PET First Aid and teaching the Kids programme
My Human: Sam
My Location: Auckland 



Rod the Mod

Birthday: 10th December 2011
Nicknames: Roddy Doddy
My Favourite Thing To Do: Show off all my tricks
My Favourite Food: Sausages (especially stolen ones tee hee)
Why I Love My Job: I love children and I love to show off and I get to do both when I go to work! 
My Role: Teaching the Kids Programme
My Human: Susie
My Location: Bay of Plenty

 rod 2



Birthday: 6th February 2013
Nicknames: Pumpkin, Sweet Pea
My Favourite Thing To Do: Chase tennis balls
My Favourite Food: Dog doughnuts
Why I Love My Job: I love meeting Children and showing them how to interact with dogs. The best part of my job is meeting new friends!
My Role: Teaching the Kids Programme
My Human: Alanna
My Location: Waikato




Birthday: 3rd May 2013
My Favourite Thing To Do: Tricks and cuddle my Mum
My Favourite Food: Apples
Why I Love My Job: I love people ..and get to hangout with Mum without all my housemates and show off my tricks to make the children smile and feel safe around dogs.
My Role: Teaching PET First Aid and teaching the Kids Programme
My Human: Nadine
My Location: Bay of Plenty




Birthday: 2nd April 2014 
Nicknames: Miameeeees, Measelbug, MiaDora the Explorer
My Favourite Thing To Do: Be with my family including THE CAT, playing and running with other dogs, destroying dog toys and sticks...
My Favourite Food: Anything you would like to feed me...especially TREATS
Why I Love My Job:I get to be fussed over by lots and lots of people, other than my family and when I'm really good at work I get lots of TREATS
My Role: Teaching PET First Aid and teaching the Kids Programme
My Human: Megan
My Location: Hawkes Bay





My Cartoon is being drawn!


Birthday: 7th October 2015
Nicknames: Chasells, Cheesells
My Favourite Thing To Do: Play!
My Favourite Food: Everything! I even like to try and eat lint bunnies that fall out of the dryer...luckily Mum keeps an eye on me!
Why I Love My Job: I love everyone and can't get enough of the attention.
My Role: Office Dog and in training for more!
My Human: Michelle
My Location: Auckland 





My Cartoon is being drawn!

Fi Fi

Nicknames: Fi Fi Wi Fi, Fi Bunny
My Favourite Thing To Do: Play with my bestie/sister Wendy, having cuddles by the heater with my family, paddling in the sea.
My Favourite Food: Baby carrots
Why I Love My Job: I love having cuddles with everyone my tail doesn't stop wagging.
My Role: Teaching the kids programme
My Human: Caroline
My Location: Auckland