Our Testimonials

“I attended the Pet First Aid Course and found it a very good course covering virtually all aspects of medical problems that may occur to your pet. The section on CPR for a small animal, be it a cat or dog was extremely enlightening and doing the practical side of it gave me confidence in being able to perform this if required. The burns section was a good one along with applying bandages to your pet.

The manual was very well documented, colourful and presented in a very confident manor by the tutor Nadine Steele. Nadine’s pet dog was also very cooperative when being used as the ‘live’ patient for the bandaging.

I fully recommend this course to people who own small animals and to people who are involved in running kennels and catteries, this course should be a must. However what this course teaches is as it says FIRST AID and does not take the place of veterinary care.”

Trevor, Owner Close to Home Boarding Cattery

588468“Wow, the PET First Aid and Training (NZ) course I did on Saturday was fantastic! My pet first aid skills have gone from zero to hero to the point where I feel genuinely confident now that I could do my best to save a pet or animal in an emergency situation.

Of course we can only do the best we can, were not vets, but it’s way better than doing NOTHING. Its good to have the skills to be able to do SOMETHING…

It was valuable to be able to practice CPR on special CPR dogs, we found out how to improvise and make bandages and even back boards out of every day items and how to bandage an injured ear and a tail on Keira & Cassie, two very tolerant and sweet dogs.

We learnt how to check and observe our pets daily from nose to tail so we know when something is out of the “ordinary”. The course was very informative and lots of fun with a great bunch of pet loving people. Its well worth the investment in the peace of mind these skills bring. This course is an absolute must for all of us pet lovers and you could most definitely save your pets life…”

Kim, Petsonthenet.co.nz

“This course was very thorough and informative.  I feel so much more comfortable about my part-time work as a dog sitter now that I know what to do in (possibly) every emergency situation.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and professional, while also being friendly and easy to talk to.  I thought the way we were tested on what we had learnt (to earn our certificate) was a very good idea.  The certificate also came framed which was a nice surprise.  Can highly recommend this course to anyone who has animals in their life.”

Tracey, Pawshake  

“I would just like to say that I greatly enjoyed the class on Saturday.
I am not a “big group” type of person, so found your class to be a good number of people, making it so much more relaxed.

Sam and Rodney were a great team, very easy to talk to and made me feel able to ask any question, however silly it may have seemed, and Rodney was very obliging.

I will definitely be recommending your courses. I came away with so much knowledge!”

Corinne, Dog Trainer 

“Great course, learnt a lot and enjoyed the practical parts. Keira is a great demo dog and very cute!! 🙂 ”

Sam, Dog Owner

I’m so pleased I met Jo and Laura from PET First Aid & Training (NZ) Ltd. I have two much loved cats that were both unwell, luckily I had read the hand-out about poisons for pets and I recalled seeing Lillies mentioned. I threw out the Lillies I had and our two cats were well again the next day. I’m so grateful to Jo and Laura for the work they are doing promoting pet safety and health.”

Michelle, Cat Owner  – Poisons Workshop

“Best money I’ve spent all year although I hope it will be ‘unnecessary’ ”

Clare, Dog Owner  

Paws crossed Willow

Paws crossed Rosie“Just wanted to say thank you once again for the Breed quiz prize to attend one of your First Aid courses.

I attended the Hamilton event yesterday, Nadine with her fabulous furry model Moon were such a great team in getting such important information across and Dean of Hamilton Hounds was such a super host too.
Certainly a Sunday well spent on getting a bit of a grounding on such an important issue and a big thank you to all involved.”

Stef, Dog Owner  

“Very cool, learnt so much!! Very friendly 🙂 “

John, K9 Heaven 

“Great a real need for this information in our profession”

Anonymous, Hair of The Dog  

“As a personal pet owner I would recommend this course. In a professional capacity – this course is a must!”

Sarah, Wagtail Walking 

“Very easy to understand and follow the information given – through the manual and from the instructors. Very informative and worthwhile. Loved the course, it was great! Definately learnt a whole lot. Well done”

Kendra, Student at Westlake Girls 

“Worthwhile – great knowledge to have! Overall for a student this course is very worthwhile & I recommend it for experience”

Kate, Student at Westlake Girls

“I feel more confident with first aid procedures, and feel confident about using these in real life situations”

Alex, K9 Heaven 

627731“I found the Pet First Aid & Training (NZ) course to be invaluable.

It has given me a good knowledge base to be able to deliver first aid techniques with a confidence that i would not have achieved prior to taking the course.

I loved the hands on training, a manual that was very clear, with awesome hand-outs and an approachable instructor.

This made for a great course that i would totally recommend to any person looking to know how to be of help to pets in need.”

Lyn, Dog Owner 


“Great course, lovely people and learnt lots 🙂 ”

Jade, Dog Owner 

“Linda is a fantastic trainer, she explains things really well, is obviously passionate about what she does, is approachable, highly recommend her. Thank you.”

Justine, Dog & Cat Owner

“The course was very interesting, engaging and Megan made the material easy to understand.”

David, Dog Owner 

“Knowledge, confidence and hands on live animal practice! What else could I have askedWP_20160427_024 for? For all the questions I had, I got an answer whether it was about my dog Buddy or about my love for rabbits. I am so excited to know how to help our little four legged friends now if they are in need and cannot  speak to tell us what is wrong and what they want us to do. With hands on experience on a lovely behaved Labrador and the very friendly tutor to help me and show me just the right way to understand easily and perfectly. What I would have to do in case of an Animal emergency.

This is a skill that is very important and to me it is as important as knowing human first aid. I thank you very much for giving me the chance to learn something so amazing and truly important. Our four legged friends are just like our own children or family members so I find it very important and I think more people should try to learn Pet first aid!
I loved and enjoyed the course and would recommend it to many more pet lovers!
Saving lives is a skill for life..”

Franziska, Dog Owner 

“Awesome learning, felt comfortable, boosted my confidence. Would 100% recommend!”

Jessica, Dog Owner

“I found out about this course through a phone call I received from ‘Pet First Aid and Training’. I work on staff at ‘The Housesitting Company’, where we provide a service of placing screened and vetted sitters to look after homeowners precious pets. This course was offered to extend knowledge on the care of pets and because this is a main part of my role, I naturally took great interest in the course offered.

What I learnt was extremely valuable and vital for anyone to know and I came out feeling equipped in bandaging, how to handle cuts, poisons, trauma, to name a few. The course was fun, interactive and practical as well as theoretical. It is a course anybody would feel fulfilled in completing. Thanks!”

Steph, The House Sitting Company 

WP_20160427_023“Pet First Aid course has not only been very informative but also an enjoyable time due to it being presented in a very relaxed pleasant way with plenty of opportunities to practice ourselves what we were learning. Everything was explained clearly and easy to understand and the tutor has been most helpful and knowledgeable with any other queries too.

Being able to help a person calmly and confidently is very important but it is also just as important to help an animal and this course has provided me with the tools for putting this into practice should anything ever happen to my dog or to any other pet that may need help.

Thank you for making this course available and thank you for it being presented with such a pleasant tutor.  I thoroughly enjoyed attending the course.”

Carmen, Dog Owner 

588475“Thanks so much for the time that we spent with you on saturday..my eyes have been opened to a whole new way of interacting/connecting with my dog & understanding the behaviours of others. It was also very enlightening to have the old dominant/submissive theory debunked…it now makes much more sense to observe the dogs behaviours as confident/shy & expressed through the many things you pointed out & yawning, scratching, looking away etc

For me these behaviour observations seem to allow for individual personality expressions rather than the old breed/dominance/submissive judgements.

After our initial consultation with you, time spent observing other dogs meeting, playing etc was great…cant wait to do more of that! The flip chart is also very helpful & seeing pics of the behaviours with descriptions is a great way to connect it all. Thanks again Laura”

Carol & Frida, Dog Owner 

I attended the dog body language course by these guys earlier today and it was great to see their information coming from science.
No pack leader c**p, no dominance theory (it’s not a theory but that’s what people like to call it), and no misinformed opinions. A talk that was about real dog behaviour.
If you want to learn more about your dogs, book yourself on to one of their courses. 

Lewis, Lewis Nicholls Dog Training 

626600Laura and her team were fantastic helping me and my young dog Manu out – we were at the point of not being able to have many people over due to Manu barking constantly, being scared but also being abit of a bully to our guests!

After several unsuccessful attempts at all sorts of things we had been told to do to solve the situtation, I was put onto Laura and her team to help.

It was invaluable having her advice with interaction and role-playing to find a solution that suited us and worked well – The First Aid and Training team were so helpful in getting it right for us  🙂

Highly recommend!

Emma, Dog Owner   – Private Training

I attended the Canine Body Language course run by Laura Purkis during June 2015. It was important to me to take this course as I own a dog walking company.

The class was well presented, had great structure, and was interactive. I learnt a lot and took away pieces of information that were immediately usable in my daily work. I will have all my staff attend one of these courses.

I would highly recommend the course for those working with canines, and also for anyone who has a dog, knows a dog, or likes dogs!

 Jennifer, Hound Dog High

I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting me join in on the course. It was fantastic! Laura is simply lovely, a great speaker, and made everyone feel at ease.

It definitely opened my eyes up to how clouded my opinion of dog behaviour has been, and with the new knowledge, I will feel a lot more comfortable making dogs comfortable in my presence, reading them at the beach and on my walks with my dog.

Didn’t get a chance to talk to her re Georges growling – but it hit me that, non wonder he growls, I would be pissed if I couldn’t removed myself from the chaos every now and then to be left the hell alone to read my book etc.

I will definitely be recommending the course.

Danielle, Gutter Kitties

You Canine Body Language course on Saturday was AWESOME! I learnt so much, and Laura was great. Can’t wait to do another course! 🙂

Amanda, Chained Dog Awareness NZ

It is very important for people to understand about dog body language. If they understand they’ll never hurt them.

Simolo, Lucy’s Dog Grooming

Really enlightening and insightful session. A must for any dog owner. I wish I’d done this course when I first got my puppy. Very engaging presenting style that makes it easy to learn at the end of a work day.

Imogene, Dog Owner

Awesome! Definitely opened my eyes to picking up signs…invaluable!

Sean, Dog Owner

I would just like to thank Samantha for a very informative and thorough k9 body language course yesterday I learnt so many new sills of approach to my dog grooming business

I groomed three new dogs today and the penny suddenly dropped of how to understand them they were calm and so easy to groom

The owner couldn’t believe how calm they were when she collected them and loved their new groomed look today she said they (the dogs) were live wires and never settled

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am now realising how a dog can communicate without being able to talk human speak

Thank u very much please can u keep me in the loop for new courses

And thank u again Samantha you made it all so easy to understand and proved that today for my grooming of the two snacks – schnauzer x jack russells

Barbara Tubby, Dog Groomer


Our school was privileged to host Pet First Aid & training (NZ) for a day.  The information shared was pitched perfectly for our students.  There was a great balance between students listening, moving and talking.   The scenarios and strategies were simple, had memorable catch phrases, supported by kid friendly illustrations and linked to real life situations.  All the students got an information booklet to take home to share their experience and learning with their whanau.  We loved that we could meet, greet and pat this amazing dog, who did pretty cool tricks.

801571Kim Wilkinson
Deputy Principal
Avondale Primary

Linda presented an excellent assembly for our students this week. Great information and delivered in an interesting and positive way. The messages she shared with students and staff were important and user friendly!
We would be keen to have this presentation again next year – with our 2017 Year 7 Students.
Please convey our thanks to Linda, and thanks to you for visiting us and setting this up.

John McGhie
Murrays Bay Intermediate

As a volunteer for Outreach Therapy Pets Scooby and I are regular attendees at Rutherford Primary in Te Atatu North who have a unit for Students with Asbergers (Autism).

At our last visit we had the opportunity to start using some of the tools that you have guys have developed that went down a storm. I can best summise by quoting this txt from the teacher:

“Thank you so much for today….it was awesome! The students learnt so much and are currently colouring in their pictures”

Anything that can enrich the learning environment and support the development of the students is amazing and when you see the sparkle in the eyes, get the warmth and appreciation as well as these txts it makes it all worthwhile.



Thanks for allowing me to better serve in this space!!

Jonathan Sweeney


I just wanted to say how great I think you guys are, my 3 year old loved the talk you gave at her daycare this week about safety around dogs and hasn’t stopped talking about it. Your message really got through so thank you so much!!

Juliette Henderson