Pet First Aid Course

90% of pets will experience at least one emergency situation in their lifetime!

(Studies done in the US)

Dog Cat First Aid

What would you do if your dog choked?

What would you do if your cat was hit by a car?

What would you do if your pet ingested poison?

These are all questions we hope we would never need the answer to but unfortunately these things can and do happen.


Attend a Pet First Aid Course and you will learn the skills and gain the knowledge to help your pet in an emergency. Knowing pet first aid can help keep your pet alive and alleviate pain & suffering.

This course has been written with a team of veterinary professionals and covers over 23 different modules. It is essential for any pet lover or those working in the animal industry or looking for a career in the animal industry.

puppy bandage
On a PET First Aid course you will gain skills in dealing with:

Broken Bones
Heat Stroke
Cuts & Grazes
Rescue Breathing
And Many More!

The PET First Aid Course can now be completed as part of the Bronze Skill Section of the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards. Check with your school for availability or call us for student rates

$179 per person
Family / Group / Student rates available

Each course requires a 50% deposit and is non-refundable if cancellation is less than 72 hours prior to the course being run. A 10% administration fee will be deducted for any cancellations.